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Legacy: The Best Thing A Man Can Get

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What: The Road To Legacy Through Legitimation

When: Date: May 1st, 2024

Where: Virtual

Capacity: 100 Participants Per session

Cost: Free

Taught by: Attorney Tessie D. Edwards

Moderated By: Charles Edwards


Topics Covered

1. Why Legitimate?
This segment will open the Lunch & Learn by discussing the importance and benefits of legitimation. We will cover how legitimation provides legal recognition to the father child relationship, ensuring rights, duties, and legal standing in the child’s life.

2. ‘What is Legitimation?’
Here, the attorney Tessie Edwards will define legitimation, differentiating it from paternity and adoption. The discussion will include the legal implications of legitimation and its significance in family law.

3. Navigating the Legitimation Statue
This part of the Lunch & Learn will delve into the specific laws and statutes governing legitimation. The speaker will guide participants through the legal framework, highlighting state specific variations and critical legal principles.

4. Legitimation Process
An in-depth look at the step-by-step process of legitimation, from filing the petition to the final court order. The presenter will offer practical advice on how to prepare for the process, what documentation is needed, and what to expect in court.

5. What to do after Legitimation
Once legitimation is granted, what comes next? This section will focus on the rights and responsibilities of the legitimized father, including how to establish a meaningful relationship with the child and navigate coparenting.

6. Legal & Physical Custody Explained
The attorney will explain the concepts of legal and physical custody, emphasizing how these are affected by legitimation. The differences between joint and sole custody, as well as the criteria courts consider when making custody decisions, will be covered.

7. Custody and Parenting Plans
Creating a comprehensive parenting plan is crucial for coparenting success. This part of the webinar will guide attendees on how to develop effective and fair parenting plans that accommodate the needs of the child, and how these plans fit into the legal framework post legitimation.

8. Modifications
Life changes, and so can custody arrangements. This section will address how and when to seek modifications to custody orders or parenting plans, including the legal standards for modification and the process involved.

9. Q&A
The Lunch & Learn will conclude with a question-and-answer session, allowing participants to seek personalized advice and clarification on topics discussed throughout the presentation. This interactive segment aims to address specific concerns and provide attendees with actionable insights.


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