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Attentive, Personal Family Law

Parenting issues can be more difficult than divorce. Whether it is a divorce or separation of unwed couples, both parents have the right to see their child and both are responsible for child support. But sometimes, changes occur, making the need to change the child custody agreements and support necessary.


When you need to modify any child custody, visitation, or support agreements, we will work with you hand-in-hand. Call us today and let’s discuss every step that you need to take and work with our trusted attorneys to protect your rights and desired outcomes.

Efficient Divorce Services

  • Child support / modification

  • Child custody / modification

  • Child visitation / modification

Discounts are available for enlisted military personnel, veterans, police, and firefighters.

Criminal Charges and Family Law

If you've been charged with a crime, we can help you understand how a criminal charge affects your family law situation. Contact us for cost-effective legal counsel about your circumstances.

Call us today to discuss your divorce, custody concern, or other family law case.



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Get the guidance you need about modifications

There are instances when change takes place and the need to modify agreements arises. Let The Law Office of Tessie D. Edwards, P.C. assist you with every aspect of change weather it is about financial shift (child support), visitation hours, vacations and other needs.


We understand how challenging this process can be and we will do what we can to look after your rights and to give you all the possible legal options.