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Whether you are trying to establish your rights as a mother or want to protect those rights in divorce, you need to work within the legal rules that apply to family law matters in Georgia. For that reason, assistance from an experienced family law attorney can make it easier to achieve your goals.

At Tessie D. Edwards & Associates, P.C., we understand the importance of the parent-child relationship and are prepared to use every available means to protect and preserve that relationship.

Mothers’ Rights in Divorce

Divorce can be a traumatic experience regardless of gender. The protection and advocacy for mothers’ rights stand at the forefront of legal and societal discourse. At the Law Office of Tessie D. Edwards & Associates, located in the heart of Atlanta, GA, our mission is to provide mothers with the comprehensive legal support they deserve during these challenging times. Our team of dedicated family law experts is deeply committed to empowering, supporting, and representing mothers throughout the divorce proceedings, ensuring that their voices are heard, and their rights are protected in the Atlanta area and beyond.

Mothers can often find themselves navigating the dual roles of caretaker and primary provider for their children. Understanding and advocating for mothers’ rights within divorce proceedings is not merely about legal entitlements but recognizing and addressing the complex realities mothers face.

 The Legal Landscape in Atlanta, GA

The legal framework aims to ensure equitable outcomes in divorce, with a particular emphasis on the welfare of the children involved. In Atlanta, GA, as in other jurisdictions, mothers’ rights in divorce encompass child custody, child support, alimony, and equitable distribution of marital assets. Each of these aspects comes with its opportunities and potential pitfalls.

Child Custody and Visitation

Securing custody remains a pivotal concern for mothers. The legal system in Atlanta, GA, has evolved to adopt a more gender-neutral approach, focusing on the child’s best interests rather than adhering to past presumptions favoring mothers. This shift demands that mothers demonstrate their ability to provide a stable and nurturing environment for their children.


– The child’s welfare is the primary concern, offering mothers a fair platform to retain custody when it aligns with the child’s best interests.

– Joint custody options encourage shared parenting responsibilities, benefiting mothers who seek a collaborative approach. 


– The need to prove suitability can be an emotionally and financially taxing process for mothers.

– Custody disputes can escalate, with potential accusations challenging the mother’s capacity to care for her children effectively. 

Child Support

In Atlanta, GA, child support ensures that the financial needs of children are met post-divorce. Mothers who assume primary custody often depend on these payments to cover essential child-rearing expenses.


– Child support laws aim to preserve the children’s standard of living.

– Enforcement mechanisms help mothers receive alimony/ child support payments.


– The calculation of child support can lead to contentious negotiations.

– Enforcing child support orders may pose challenges, especially with non-custodial parents who have irregular income or live out of state.

 Alimony and Marital Asset Division

 Alimony supports mothers adjusting to single-income realities, particularly if they’ve been out of the workforce. The fair division of marital assets also ensures mothers receive their rightful share, securing financial stability post-divorce.


– Alimony provides essential financial support for mothers transitioning to independent financial standing.

– Equitable division of assets guarantees mothers a fair share of marital property.


– Alimony determinations can be unpredictable, influenced by various factors.

– The asset division process can become complex, with potential disputes over asset valuation and hidden assets.

The Role of Tessie D. Edwards & Associates in Atlanta, GA

At the Law Office of Tessie D. Edwards & Associates, our expertise in family law is matched by our commitment to supporting mothers through the divorce process. Located in Atlanta, GA, we are ideally positioned to serve mothers in the local community and surrounding areas, providing them with the legal representation and support they need. Our approach is holistic, recognizing the importance of addressing both the legal and emotional needs of our clients.

We are dedicated to negotiating fair custody arrangements, securing adequate financial support, and protecting the rights and interests of mothers during and after the divorce. Our team stands ready to assist mothers in Atlanta, GA, ensuring they are equipped to face the challenges of divorce with confidence and dignity.

For mothers facing divorce in Atlanta, GA, the journey is both personal and legal. The Law Office of Tessie D. Edwards & Associates stands as a beacon of support, advocacy, and expertise, committed to protecting mothers’ rights and ensuring their voices are heard. We believe that with the right guidance, mothers can navigate the complexities of divorce, safeguarding their future and the future of their children.

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